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Total Anxiety Relief

Total Anxiety Relief Classes in Carrollton for Plano and surrounding area

Total Anxiety Relief Classes in Carrollton for Plano and surrounding area

Total Anxiety Relief Classes in Carrollton for Plano and surrounding areaTotal Anxiety Relief Classes in Carrollton for Plano and surrounding area
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Affordable, effective classes proven to relieve anxiety and change lives.

YOUR Anxiety Relief Program


Step 1: Relieve Anxiety Symptoms

Online class coming in February 2020!  

Until the course is available online, you may register and schedule individual appointments with Dr Anne @ anneschanzphd.com 

Achieve Anxiety Relief in Carrollton, Plano and surrounding areas by taking  Relieve Anxiety Symptoms, an online, multi-part program providing proven techniques to tame your physiological and psychological symptoms. 

After the completion of the course you will know techniques to relieve your anxiety symptoms: 

  • sweating 
  • trembling               
  • racing heart   
  • difficulty breathing      
  • chest pain  
  • unfocused/scattered thoughts
  • tension
  • nervousness
  • racing thoughts    
  • procrastination 
  • exhaustion  
  • upset stomach 
  • headaches 
  • irritable bowel
  • short temper
  • overwhelm 

You must -



Step 2: FREE YOURSELF: Change your beliefs.

For lasting anxiety or depression relief, you must  ELIMINATE Your Self-Sabotaging Beliefs! 

Learn the Clarity Key Method to identify and eliminate the root causes of your anxiety and depression and free your from the prison of rigid beliefs you didn't even know were there. As you gain clarity on how and why your hidden beliefs create the destructive patterns in your life, they instantly lose their power to create havoc in your life. 

  •  Your awareness allows for deep and complete change.  
  • You will accept yourself as you are NOW, 
  • You will quiet the constant stream self-criticism and doubt in your mind. 

As compassion for yourself replaces your anxiety, shame and guilt, you will forgive yourself and others.  Blame and judgment will become a thing of the past. 

If that sounds like what you need, ENROLL TODAY!

Using the Clarity  Key Method, you will learn techniques to identify the deeply hidden beliefs that affect every aspect of your life. You will gain new perspectives on yourself, relationships, conflict, defensiveness, doubt and control.  These new perspectives create a completely new understanding of what you really need for your happiness and well being. You can be happy whether anyone else changes or not!  You will finally be free because the root causes of your anxiety will be GONE. 

While the techniques are simple, the new perspectives do take time to assimilate.  It is easy to fall back into old ways of thinking if the new perspectives are not reinforced.  For that reason, you will have an option to join a 12-week Clarity group after completing the course.

This course is offered in a 6 week format: 1.5 hour sessions one weekday evening/week for 6 consecutive weeks.  Please check 'options' for specific class dates and times. 


Step 3: CLARITY GROUP: Apply the new techniques

The greatest peace and happiness are only achieved when you learn to surrender your beliefs about controlling the outcomes in life. You must learn to trust your ability to adjust and adapt to whatever comes.  Only then, may you fully release the anxiety associated with rigid expectations about what life must be for you to be happy.  


In the Clarity Group*, you will delve deeper into the concepts from the 'Beliefs' class. By challenging your beliefs as you negotiate your everyday life issues, you reach a deeper level of understanding, and increase your confidence in your own ability to adapt to any change that comes.  You will experience increasing peace and comfort. Perhaps for the first time, you will feel safe.

With greater understanding of how our minds, emotions and behaviors work, you will see what you can control and what you cannot.  You will become comfortable setting healthy boundaries in all relationships, communicating clearly and kindly what you need and want.  With this knowledge, you can create happiness now.  

This is a fantastic journey! This level of freedom requires deep change and truly deep change requires courage and determination.   This group requires a 12-week initial commitment.  $50/week. 

Are YOU ready?  Contact Dr Anne.

*General info about process groups:

Process groups explore the individual issues of group members, on a weekly schedule.  Process groups are especially helpful for people with anxiety,  mild to moderate depression, self image, social or relationship difficulties. These groups provide a safe place to give and receive honest feedback, offer and receive support. Group therapy helps members learn how to deal with psychologically and emotionally intimate relationships in the real world. For example, many people who have problems with trust learn to develop appropriate psychological and emotional intimacy in the group which then spills over into their 'outside' lives. 

Immediate Trauma and Phobia Relief


Emotional Release Tapping

This course introduces the theory and practice of tapping specific energy points on the hands and face to ELIMINATE emotional distress.

  • You will learn how to recognize different emotional states and select the correct tapping sequence to achieve relief.
  • You will learn to tap specific points along subtle energy meridians to relieve/eliminate emotional distress. 
  • You will be able to perform these techniques on yourself, family and friends as needed.
  • You will learn the basic theory and sequences to eliminate anxiety, phobias (extreme fear), traumatic memories and addictive urges

Online class COMING SOON!

Until the online class is ready, you may schedule personal instruction with Dr Anne through individual counseling sessions.  You may register as a new client, and schedule individual or couples appointments on her counseling website @ anneschanzphd.com.

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A Multi-Part Online Program Adapted Just for Teens

Course 1- Banish Anxiety SYMPTOMS

Learn and practice well researched  techniques  proven to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms.  

Course 2- Banish Anxiety TRIGGERS:  

Learn how your mind creates and maintains the triggers that drive anxiety and stress, then apply simple techniques proven to eliminate your triggers. 

Banish Anxiety SYMPTOMS

Learn to banish anxiety symptoms with specific relaxation and focusing techniques! 

  • Specific, proven techniques your will learn:
    1. Breathing, specific patterns to reset the stress response
    2. Visualization, including a guided meditation
    3. Mindfulness. present focus and awareness practices
    4. Appreciation and gratitude, exercises
    5. What the stress response is and how it works
    6. How these techniques counteract stress responses 
  • How to tell if you need professional assistance

Banish Anxiety TRIGGERS


  • Learn about Anxiety Triggers
    1. How beliefs affect emotions and behavior
    2. How perception and belief create anxiety
    3. How perfectionism affects your self esteem
    4. How comparison destroys confidence
    5. How expectations create anxiety and defeat
    6. How doubts create conflict and defensiveness

  • Learn how to Eliminate Your Triggers
    1. How to identify and change beliefs causing distress
    2. How to stop judging yourself and others
    3. How to change limiting beliefs
    4. How to manage conflict and defensiveness
    5. How to eliminate your triggers
    6. How to build healthy relationships

About Us


Dr Anne Schanz, Your Guide

Dr Anne has been guiding clients to happier, more satisfied lives for over 25 years.  She has applied all her training and experience to this TOTAL ANXIETY RELIEF PROGRAM.

Dr Anne's had an unusual career journey  She started as a special education teacher.  After a break to care for her newborn daughter, she moved to the corporate world, where she discovered a knack for inventory management and production planning, especially the computer planning systems.  After a few years in management, she moved to consulting where she taught people to use the business planning systems they were implementing.  

Then, precipitated by divorce, she had to come to terms with her own depression and anxiety issues.  Her therapy experiences opened a whole new world of possibilities. Remarriage enabled her to return to school and study counseling.  She received her Master's degree and Doctorate from the University of North Texas.  She has been in private practice in the North Dallas area since 1994.

Always driven by curiosity, her exploration didn't stop at graduation.  Dr Anne has studied many different treatment methods over the years, and each one has contributed to the Total Anxiety Relief Program she is offering to you now.  She has studied hypnosis, past life regression, energy medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Thought Field Therapy, yoga philosophy and psychology, meditation, and guided imagery.  All of this experience and study brings you a rapid, lasting, and affordable antidote to your anxiety and stress.  

You can be happy and at peace no matter what is happening outside you. You don't have to wait for others to change for your relief. Many others have done it, so can you.  


What Others Are Saying....

 -Stacey in Dallas, TX | Mar 22, 2017

Literally life changing - Anne is warm and genuine. It's like going to your friend's house; you always leave feeling better than you did when you got there. Sometimes we all have that little 'crazy' thing rolling around in our heads. I have never felt uncomfortable, ashamed, or judged for saying them to her. If you've ever wondered why you do the things you do or feel the way you do about things take her classes. It's incredibly satisfying and a huge relief to understand yourself better.


-Sheri in Waxahachie, TX | Jan 20, 2017

Dr. Schanz is really great and offers understanding and knowledge from perspectives that I was unable to see until she pointed out a different way of looking at situations. Also, attended two of her group classes and they are excellent classes with far reaching benefits! I highly recommend these classes for anyone and everyone!

-in Addison | Sep 29, 2016

I have attended the clarity class (Banish Sabotaging Beliefs). One word! Life Saver! Very Empathetic, very encouraging and will challenge misguided behaviors in a very 

productive manner. I highly recommend the clarity class. She came in my life at a critical time and cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

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Banish Your Anxiety and Set Yourself FREE!

Stress and anxiety are destroying lives everyday  They consume your energy making you drag yourself through life. Marriages are dying, careers devolve into dulling jobs. Life is an overwhelming burden. 


You need  ENERGY to do the things that will make you HAPPY. There is no room for happiness if anxiety sucks  the life out of you.  There's no will  to follow your dreams, live your passions. 

Is this how your want to live?   







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